RIP Industrial Ages
I would argue that the pandemic defined the moment where the Industrial Ages ended and the Information Era has it's landmark start.  From the mass exodus of the workforce to remote work and greater information systems in business and education on a wide scale, it defined the moment where the adopters evolved and those who didn't are perishing.  With the mass cultural movements of self-focus during quarantine - a luxury only creatives and those with higher-paying office jobs truly got to take advantage of - Insurrection and shift in attention 
Our Educational System and Political System have a great commonality - they are not based on mastery {Quaility & ...} but on basic boxes being checked. 
We have one chance to lay a solid foundation for the Digital Age. 

Exiting the Industrial Age going into the Information Revolution.  This is the time to invert the Pyramid and technology takes the bottom.
We know the results of the Industrial Revolution, we are just beginning to make a consequential change to its toxic byproducts - from environmental impacts to working conditions and the psychological trauma and behaviors it has engrained.   The dawn of the Information Revolution has capitalized on Industrial Era tactics of consumption and existing phycological traits.   Major areas of concern here: News Media (mostly network tv), Algortitheoms used in many Social Media sites creating magnified echo chambers to the ones we would see in Family Units and Cliques and Movements.  These can reinforce false and destructive narratives, or they can make the world look like one's utopia if attention isn't paid to diversifying one's PoV. 

The Memetics of  

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