What is the measurement we hold ourselves to now to measure progress?  Primarily, GDP and the Dow, Inflation, and cost of Natural Resources.  This is followed by unemployment numbers and rarely includes things like health (maybe health reporting during the pandemic can be momentum for normalizing that and certainly expanding on it - including mental health, mood, and behavior indicators) amount of tangible change (eg. regulations changed, developments for the underserved, etc.)
Where are we at?  How can we set ourselves up for more productive Growth?
For us as a species to grow on all levels, Individual, Family Unit, Community, State, Nation, and then in totality on the Global level, we must change the narrative.  We must foster environments where all people can take time for themselves, practice self-care, and get in touch with their true selves.  For in all oppressive societies of the past and in recent times on a scale so grand through industrialism, the vast majority of individuals are simply fighting to survive.  Few have been lucky enough to break from the status quo and take time for truth-seeking and exploration.  To do so often takes resources, it takes time, and it takes a huge amount of self-awareness and introspection. 

Climate Change & Sustainability
 Protect our natural world and make it accessible
The Human Self - QOL for the masses


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