Resources and goods - but more significantly, due to their impacts on: motive, perspective, and ultimately behavior, media the constant push of this that and the other - hear’s what to think, here’s what you need.  Feeding like a parasite on the constant dopamine rush of living in the bata wave phase of alertness, fear, and anxiety along with compliance.  The herd is not the problem, only for those afraid of losing the assets and status they have earned at the expense of us all.  The concepts here in this model are proven, now if it has demonstrated structural building blocks to a successful model, how do we reimagine and start restructuring our world with sound Leadership, Fundamentals Education, and a bit more Enlightenment. 

The internet saves the world by fostering connections that otherwise wouldn't have happened.  Ideas worth rallying g around and cries for help can only go so far without the interconnectivity we have today.

To be continued....

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