One We. One Us.  Is the antithesis of Us V Them – a philosophy of perspective, the way the world can heal and grow through our current divides. 
Humanism in the Anthropocene is a relevant perspective to take and unify over.  
It's the most universally true concept we all can relate to.
The Content
The content and goal of this publishing platform are to share ideas I believe are relevant to our rapidly changing world.  We are all too often caught and persuaded by the Dogma of the profit-centric world we have created for ourselves.  I use statements like "we" and "ourselves" to underpin the importance and break down the all too common barrier of the 3rd wall.  We are the species who created this-worldly reality and many of us still propagate it or feed off it for lack of resources and/or enlightenment.   I am not claiming to be enlightened, although the last 5 years of my life have been spent soul searching and learning how to separate from the ego and dogma through therapeutic, meditative, and naturalist practices among others.  This journey has brought me to a place where I can be an observer to myself at times in a similar way that I can disagree with an idea or action yet find some understanding and compassion for the rationale behind it. 
The Author
I am Andrew Jalowayski, Transcendentalist, explorer, and wonder.  At 22-year-old I consider myself a Cusper - part millennial and part gen Z .  Being born at the beginning of Gen Z but from a very young age would associate and converse with those older than me, in some ways drawn to the wisdom of knowledge and experience.   Recently, I have described  "each individual's culmination of unique experience equaling perspective" to be one of the most significant focuses of mine that defines my thinking style and ability to passionately take an alternative or ambition of what could be. 


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We Make The Future Mural

Dedicated to my Grandfather Joseph Ierardi & Grandmother Maria Jalowayski, Aunts Judy & Sue, Jade & The Ever-Changing Sky, my Dear Friends and Family, Mentors, Gurus & Guides, especially the educators who were an exemplar of the "how & why" and not the "what" thought and principle.
May I be so fortunate to return the favors of wisdom, inspiration, hope, and radical - sometimes ugly - truths.  
Without opening our hearts to these moments and gifts, we wouldn't be growing and unfolding quite like this. 
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